Martine Langenhuisen-Bak


Martine Langenhuisen-Bak

Software Tester, Scrum Master, Design Thinker, Creative, Automation Tester


About Me

Martine Langenhuisen-Bak

Scrum Master and Test engineer
with a Design Thinking mindset

Creativity and technology have been big pillars of my life. From a very early age, I was watching and helping my dad work on mechanics or creating something. I was always mass-producing little artworks and creations of my own. These interests got me to study Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. During my studies, I learned the mindset of Design Thinking. You can project Design Thinking on every challenge or project in life. Within my projects, I had a focus on project planning and user testing. I decided to go start my career as a software tester and focus less on design but bring my design mindset to the job. As I really like variety in my work, I started to combine this work with the Scrum Master role. As a Scrum Master, I want to help the team forward, inspire and motivate. I am a real team player and get a lot of energy out of working with people. I love to bring the human touch to the world of IT.

Name: Martine Langenhuisen-Bak
Birthday: 20 February 1994
Degree: MSc. Industrial Design
Work Experience: 4 Years
Located: Heesch, The Netherlands
Languages: Dutch, English



My Education

Master of Science (MSc) in Industrial Design

Eindhoven University of Technology | 02/2016 - 01/2018

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Industrial Design

Eindhoven University of Technology | 09/2012 - 01/2016

Minor Industrial Engineering

Eindhoven University of Technology | 09/2014 - 01-2015

VWO profile: “Natuur en Techniek”

O.S.G West-Friesland | 2008 - 2012


S.G de Triade | 2006 -2008



My Experience

Test Engineer/Scrum Master at ALTEN Nederland

ALTEN Nederland | 05/2018 - current

After joining Alten NL I started with the Masterclass Technical Tester. In this Masterclass of two months, I learned several tools, methods, and the mindset to get started as a Technical Tester. After this masterclass in combination with my experience during my studies, I was ready to start my first assignment as a tester. Sofar I have worked on a assignment TomTom for four years. After my maternity leave (Aug-Nov 2022) I am ready for a new opportunity.

Test Engineer/Scrum Master for ALTEN Nederland at TomTom

ALTEN Nederland | 05/2018 - 07/2022

For ALTEN Nederland I have been on an assignment for 4 years at TomTom.

At TomTom, I joined the Release team for a big automotive customer program. Together in the team, I worked on several projects for this party (active development and maintenance). I was working on customized navigation applications to be integrated into cars. In the team, we focused on testing releases, end-to-end acceptance tests, and test automation.

In this project, I have done a lot of manual test creation and execution tasks. But to complement this in a later stage of the project I also started to work on test automation. When I got the chance to help with UX-related issues and presentations I always stepped in.

Next to that, I was a Scrum Master for one of the development teams within the program.

Furthermore, I was also responsible for the hardware for the program, making sure everybody in the program had the hardware setups to work on.

Project: Master graduation project "Sparkle Crowd: an educative crowdsourcing platform for children"

Eindhoven University of Technology | 02/2017 - 01/2018

Master graduation Project "Sparkle Crowd: An educative crowdsourcing platform for children" My Final Master Project was about making crowdsourcing available for children. This project involved research about legal and ethical aspects. I did a lot of user-research (surveying, interviewing, evaluation/tests), I gained expertise in crowdsourcing and Design Thinking. I programmed the frontend and collaborated with a back-end developer. The final outcome was a designed platform learning children design thinking.

For more info check my student portfolio


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